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Angela Ridgway Dressage

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P.R.E. Qualified Stallion

Faralay II

Faralay II
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Ketcham Ranch

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Breeders of Pura Raza Española Horses
(sometimes known as Pure Spanish Andalusians)

Breeding and young horse sales available.

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In partnership with Angela Ridgway

Below is a photo/video journal of Faralay's journey up the levels. He's one of a handful of Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.) or Pure Spanish Andalusian stallions in the USA awarded the prestigious "Calificado" ("Qualified") status. This designation is given to superior breeding stock by a panel of judges and veterinarians from Spain.

Angela campaigned Faralay II from Training Level in 2008 through Grand Prix in Sept. 2014. He has a magnificent temperament and is exceptionally sweet. He has outstanding presence and charisma; a great work ethic, is a real partner, and just plain fun to ride.

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2104 USDF All-Breeds Awards announced:

Faralay II and I earned the Intermediate I Open, United States P.R.E. Association USDF All-Breeds Award. Congratulations Katcham Ranch!

Faralay II Grand Prix Debut, September, 2014:

Highlights of Faralay's first three Grand Prix tests, Golden Hills Farm, Paso Robles, CA, Aug. 2014 and Yarra Yarra Ranch, Pleasanton, CA, Sept. 2014.

Another Fabulous Clinics with USET Member Heather Blitz, June 2, 2014:

JRD Saddlery
Heather Blitz clinics sponsored by JRD Saddlery.

Thank you to Heather Blitz, Mehrdad / JRD Saddlery, and Fairwind Farm, for another fabulously educational Heather Blitz Dressage Clinic. It was inspiring, as always! 
Angela Ridgway, Faralay II, Heather Blitz, Betsy Ketcham

Faralay's Intermediate-1 debut, May 2014:

Faralay II Intermediate-1 debute
Faralay II had his Intermediate-1 debut at the Woodside Spring Dressage show and received 67.5% & 69% 

Clinics with USET Member Heather Blitz:

JRD Saddlery
Heather Blitz clinics sponsored by JRD Saddlery.

Angela Ridgway and Faralay II in clinic with Heather Blitz
Angela and Faralay II, developing the piaffe in clinic with Heather Blitz at Fairwind Farm, November 17, 2013. Photos courtesy of Lisa Rago.
Angela Ridgway, Faralay II, Heather Blitz, Betsy Ketcham
Left to Right: Faralay II, Angela Ridgway, Heather Blitz, and Betsy Ketcham. At the Heather Blitz clinic, Star Vaughn, September 2013.

FEI High Percentage Champion for the Woodside Summer Dressage show:

Faralay's third show at Prix St. George. Below is a full test video for which they received a 69.74%, earning a blue ribbon for the class, the US PRE High Point award, and the FEI High Percentage Champion for the Woodside Summer Dressage show.

Photos to the upper right are from the show. To the lower right is Angela and Faralay II with the FEI High Percentage Champion and US PRE High Point award ribbons after returning home to Arriba Vista.

The other two rides received scores of 68.42% and 66.05%.
At the Horse Park, at Woodside, CA. 7/13/2013

Breeding and Young Horse Sales - http://KetchamRanch.com

FEI High Percentage Champion
(Enlarge animated .gif)

FEI High Percentage Champion

Faralay's Prix St. George Debut:

Pictures from Faralay's PSG Debut

At the Woodside Dressage Show, May 18th-19th, 2013, Faralay II & Angela competed in his first Prix St. George tests. He won 2 of 3 classes, and was 2nd in one, receiving scores in the mid-60s.

Ribbons for Faralay's PSG Debut

(Enlarge animated .gif)

2012 in review:

2012 ribbons Faralay II & Angela draped in some of the ribbons and year end awards from the 2012 season.   They showed 3rd level and won multiple individual show high point awards from International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) (Training to Grand Prix), Golden State Dressage, the US PRE (Pura Raza Espanola) Association (Training to Grand Prix), and COPA California (Training to 4th level). This culminated in seasonal awards for Top Ten at CDS Championships Third Level – Open division, USDF All-Breed Awards, 1st place nationally for US PRE Association Horses at Third Level – Open, and the 2012 US PRE Association California High Point Grand Champion (all levels in California). Faralay and Angela 2012 Ribbons

Angela congratulates the Ketcham’s on their superb breeding of PRE horses with great athleticism!

At Feria Del Caballo Espanol in April three Ketcham Ranch bred fillies – all daughters of Faralay II – took Best Movement and Functionality by storm! Divina KR was second for Best Movement in her hotly contested Yearling Filly division, with one judge scoring her highest for the day. Catalina KR won Best Movement of the thirteen 2-year-olds in her class. Finally, Aurora KR brought down the house as Best Movement 4-year-old Mare and was historic first mare to compete in Functionality class against nine 4-year-old stallions and beat them all, to clinch her hold on the 4-year-old mare championships and Champion of Functionality for all 4-year-olds – both mares and stallions!

History made at Feria Del Caballo Espanol!

Aurora KR

Aurora and Faralay at LAEC

Father & Daughter at Cool August Nights:

Aurora KR joined Faralay II at Cool August Nights for her very first dressage class. Both horses scored well, the weather was perfect, and everyone had a lovely time. Congratulations to Nick, Lehua, and Aurora KR on a fantastic first outing. Congratulations to Ketcham Ranch.

at Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Burbank, CA, Aug. 25, 2012


Woodside Summer Dressage Show

at The Horse Park at Woodside, CA, July 13, 2012.
Faralay II at Woodside 7/13/2012

(Enlarge animated .gif)
It was a beautiful day at Woodside. Angela and Faralay rode 3rd level test 3 on the first day for a personal best score of 75.897% !!

Congratulations to Nick Phillips, Aurora KR, Gitana SF, and Ketcham Ranch !!

Aurora KR (Faralay’s first born) owned and shown by Nick Phillips, earned the highest movement score at the Feria del Caballo Español, March 23-25, 2012 and was recognized with the best movement award for young horses. Way to go! Gitana SF, a recent broodmare addition to Ketcham Ranch, placed 2nd in her competitive class of mature mares. Congratulations to all!

Aurora KR

Golden State Premiere

at Rancho Murieta, CA, Feb. 3-5, 2012.
Ribbons from the Rancho Murieta
From head to tail: Angela Ridgway, Faralay II, Katrin Cusack, and Betsy Ketcham.

Riding 3rd Level Tests 2 and 3 Angela and Faralay scored 69.5%, 71.2%, 65.6%, 71.3%, 71.7%, 72.2%, winning first place in each class, and the open high point award.

Aurora KR

News on Faralay's First Born:

Congratulations to Nick Philip and Aurora KR. Aurora made us proud at the 2011 International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) nationals, bringing home Reserve National Champion and Best Movement in a competitive class with Nick handling.

CDS Championships: Oct. 9, 2011

P.R.E. Qualified Riding Stallion (Andalusian) Faralay II and Angela Ridgway showing third level at Championships in Rancho Murieta, Oct. 9, 2011. They received 67.7% at third level, test 3.

Faralay II at Championships 2011

Woodside Autumn Dressage Show: Sept. 16-18, 2011

Another good show. Angela and Faralay received 67.949% at third level, test 3. This won them the US PRE Association High Point Award, Open Division and the Woodside USEF Upper Level High Percentage Award.

Woodside Dressage Show Ribbons

CDS East Bay Chapter Dressage Show

at La Jolla Equestrian Center, August 20-21, 2011

Angela and Faralay II showing third level. In four tests they took home four blue ribbons. Their highest score was 69% at 3rd level test 3.

Ribbons from CDS East Bay Dressage Show



(Enlarge Photos)

Golden State Dressage Warm-up / Cool-Down

at Starr Vaughn Equestrian, July 29-31, 2011

Angela and Faralay II showing third level. They won the US P.R.E. Open High Point Award for the show with 65.8% in third level test three.

(Enlarge Photos)

Faralay II & USPRE High Point Award Photo

Faralay II and Angela at Pebble Beach, July. 7-9, 2011.

Faralay at Pebble Beach

Moments at the Pebble Beach Dressage show, third level.

Faralay is happy to work and has lots of "go" in any conditions. The footing was so deep that nearly all the CDI riders scratched the first day and there were 97 scratches at the national levels. For Faralay's safety, Angela scratched their rides the first day. Angela intentionally rode very concervatively in the remaing rides and happily, recieved three qualifying scores towards championships.



Faralay at Pebble Beach

Steffen Peters teaching Faralay II and Angela, June 11-12, 2011

Steffen Peters and Angela are working on developing greater collection in both trot and canter, heading in the direction of FEI level work. Faralay II at 7 yrs old.

View on YouTube in HD

Steffen Peters teaching Faralay II and Angela, Dec. 5, 2010.

Working on developing power and cadence in the trot and maintaining balance in the half passes.



Ketcham RanchBreeding and young horse sales available at Ketcham Ranch


Alborada (Faralay's 2010 Daughter), August 8, 2010

Congratulations to the Salazar family and their lovely Faralay daughter Alborada. Shown at 6 months of age, Alborada brought home a blue ribbon and the best movement award in her weanling filly class at Feria del Caballo Espanol 2010, the largest ANCCE (Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española) sanctioned show in the US. She surely has a bright future ahead as a show mare and significant dam. Watch for her at the next PRE show!

Faralay II at The Horse Park at Woodside, Redwood City, CA, July 16-18, 2010

(Enlarge Photos)

High Point PRE

It was a strong show for team Angela Ridgway Dressage. Christie Musser on Diorissima, Angela on Diorissima and Faralay II, and Rebecca Gonzalez on Comanche II together rode 17 rides and brought home 8 first place and 6 second place ribbons.



High Point PRE
USPRE Open High Point Challenge Winner
First Level Test 4: 67.89 %

Angela and Faralay won the USPRE High Point Challenge in the open division, and her students Rebecca and Comanche II won it in the junior/young rider division.


Ketcham RanchBreeding and young horse sales available at Ketcham Ranch

Faralay II at Starr Vaughn Equestrian Center, Elk Grove CA, May 2010

(Enlarge Photos)

See KetchamRanch.com for breeding information and young horse prospects.

Faralay and his ribbons
This was Faralay's 3rd dressage show. He did six tests and brought home six ribbons.

Angela and P.R.E. qualified riding stallion Farlay II in work at Diamond Hills Equestrian

In a clinic with FEI I judge Jane Weatherwax, Apr. 10, 2010. He just turned 6 yrs old.



Ketcham RanchBreeding and young horse sales available at Ketcham Ranch

Faralay II at the Feria del Caballo Espanol

The Feria del Caballo Espanol, the largest P.R.E. breed show in the US, held Sept. 11-13, 2009 at Industry Hills Equestrian Center.

Faralay, the youngest horse in the 5 and 6 year old stallion class, won easily with high marks for conformation, movement, and rideability. During the compulsory ridden portion of the class, Faralay and Angela did an outstanding job on the Functionality Test, bringing home the Reserve Champion of Functionality trophy for the entire show.

(Enlarge Photos)

The week that followed this show, Faralay was presented at the 2009 Qualified Tribunal, held this year in California and Texas. Faralay was awarded the prestigious "Calificado" ("Qualified") status, making him one of a handful of Qualified P.R.E. Stallions in the US. This designation is awarded to superior breeding stock worldwide by a panel of Judges and Veterinarians from Spain. See KetchamRanch.com for breeding information and young horse prospects.

Murieta Equine Complex Dressage show

Photos from the Murieta Equine Complex Dressage show, Rancho Murieta, CA, April 2009. Included are photos of Faralay II (owned by Chris and Betsy Ketcham), Magic Light (owned by Bette Brockman), Diorissima (owned by Christie Musser), and Kailey (owned by Judy Levine). This was Faralay and Diorissima's first dressage show.

(Enlarge Photos)

In May 2008 Angela Ridgway Dressage welcomed Faralay II into it's training program.

Photos of Faralay II

Faralay is a 4 yesr old Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.), or Pure Spanish Andalusian, breeding stallion owned by Chris and Betsy Ketcham from Ketcham Ranch in Paicines, CA. Angela has a special fondness for Spanish horses. She has had the pleasure of working with a few of them, from not quite 4 year olds to more mature horses. In each case she has found them to be real people horses that enjoy time spent with their human companions, from grooming, to walks around the farm, to the effort of serious dressage work. Faralay is a sterling example of the breeds willingness to please, their intelligence, and eagerness to learn. He is a joy to spend time with and applies his "smarts" to helping her show him the ropes of basic dressage work. She is looking forward to being able to show off his lovely gaits and dressage talent in the 2009 show season.

We are all looking forward to his first foal crop, due to arrive in 2009.

Welcome Faralay!!

Faralay II
Ketchman Ranch
Chris and Betsy Ketcham, P.O. Box 6, Paicines, CA 95043
Ketcham Ranch Sword

Left: Angela training Faralay II, with his owner Betsy Ketcham.

February 2008 video of Faralay at Ketcham Ranch in Paicines, CA.

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